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  7. Collection of headers from Datsunikon.
    Made up of my photo's from the last 2-3 years.
    Click photo for 5000 x 3404 resolution version.

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    The amount of relevance this writing has to me is ridiculous.

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    me on the way to fuck your bitch

    The notes! :’D

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    this time it is i that rants about drifting. haha.


    Essa proved this last year at NJ when he zero’d against Forsberg, and then went and put down probably the best run of the whole season. Just shows how conservative they drive.

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  12. You are a ratty piece of shit, but god I wouldn’t trade you for anything.
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    • stole $20k from his friends
    • made 30k from the clothing, and kept it all to himself
    • The mortar shells for the shift knob was kindly donated by his friend who’s in the military but never gave him any sort of credit or profit in return
    • Sold one of his best friends a 2500$ unbuilt aw11 for 11,500$ + 30% interest on the payments. Took half and kept the car
    • Cliffnotes: basically anyone that has gotten close to Alex has gotten burnt. Right now I’m civil with him; but that’s mainly because I never put myself in a place for him to owe me anything.
    • He owes Yuuki from Sexy Knights some money 
    • Letting down many other Japanese tuning shops due to his irresponsible actions 
    • Also from me, where’s my money Alex. Keep running because Chicago, Canada, Japan and America are after you.

    This sucks to hear :( 

    Don’t support people you cant trust

    Spread the word guys

    Hmm should probably wait to hear both sides.
    Seems like the right thing to do if this stuff is being thrown around online.

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    TOP GUN take 2

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  15. Aimless Drives
    Datsunikon: Redlands